Unwanted hair is one of those annoying things that can take away anyone’s cool. There are many temporary and permanent solutions to this problem. In this article, let’s discuss in detail about one of the permanent treatments, laser hair removal treatment.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Regardless of which hairy area you want to de-fuzz, laser hair removal can help. In this treatment, hair follicles are destroyed by means of pulses of the laser. The laser’s energy is attracted till the tips of follicles and kills the hair’s roots so that they can never come back. The process of removing hair with help of laser is a package of treatments and sessions of treatments too. But, the patient can witness the results from the very first sessions. Finishing the entire package of treatment is very crucial, never terminate it in between.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

A laser beam is passed through the skin; almost through each hair follicle. The very intense heat that is produced by the laser damages the roots of each follicle and within a time soon of 1-3 weeks the shred of the skin. Most of the patients claim that when the laser beams are forced on their body, it feels like a rubber band is tugged on them. The laser hair removal gives maximum results when the hair is in growing stage. The patient won’t lose the unwanted hair completely after the first session. He/she has to take the complete hair removal package to get 100% results. Each session must be planned with a gap of 1 month of the best results.

During Laser Hair Removal Treatment

As mentioned, the laser hair removal is a package of treatments that are done in sessions. There are few things that the patient must follow. The patients are recommended not to wax or tweeze at least two weeks prior to the treatment as these hair removal techniques remove even the roots, the laser’s target. Thus, the treatment will be ineffective.

Instead, patients can opt for shaving, bleach or use Nair in betweens the sessions. On the day of laser hair removal session, avoid make-up, deodorants and any sort of sprays to make the treatment less painful. During the treatment wear glasses given to avoid ill effects of laser on eyes. Take the test patch before you actually proceed to the treatment.

After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The following are recommended precautions that must be followed by each laser hair removal session and few days after the treatment is completed.

  • Avoid heat treatment like a hot shower, steam bath, sun bath for at least 2-5 days.
  • Avoid direct contact with the sun as to stay away from infections, allergy, and rashes.
  • Avoid aspirin, anti-inflammable drugs, and other supplements not to increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Avoid perfumes, deodorant in the treatment area before and after treatment.
  • Load your store with aloe vera gels, creams, and balms that have no aspirin to reduce the redness of the skin.

Laser Facial Hair Removal Treatable Areas

The most terrible nightmare of any woman is her facial hair as it is the most undesired one. Here is the list of facial parts that can be treated with a laser to reduce hair.

  • Eyebrow

Perfect eyebrows add to a girl’s look. the most opted choices to shape eyebrows is light-waxing, threading, tweezing etc. but all these methods are very painful and we get messy eyebrows within no time. The perfect permanent solution for poised eyebrows is laser hair removal.

  • Upper lip

Fair skin and hairy upper lips are a terrifying combination ever! Not only fair skin, hair on the upper lip of any girl is terrifying. As upper lip is a very small bridge area of face it takes very less time for laser hair removal. This is the handiest solution for any girl with hair on upper lips.

  • Chin and forehead

The hair on a girl’s chin and forehead gives a manly look and makes her more cautious. There are chances of her getting pimples and rash due to excess hair in these areas. Laser hair removal will be a friend in need for her.

Laser Body Hair Removal

If you spend a lot on waxing and other techniques to get your body hair away, laser hair removal would be a onetime investment with unlimited happiness for you. Here is the list of few body parts that you can get laser treatment on.

  • Legs

Frankly speaking, maintaining a no hair body is next to impossible. It is ever more if you are a girl who loves to wear short dresses, skirt, shorts and bikinis. Girls got for it! Laser hair removal technique is for you.

  • Chest and breast

Both men and women can have hair in these parts. The hair on chest and breast can be an embarrassment for men who would like to go shirtless and fault their toned body. Laser body hair removal can address this problem of theirs.

  • Bikini, Genital, and Pubic Area

Laser hair removal of hair from bikini lines and pubic area is a one-time solution for all the girls. You need not take the pain of hot wax or plucking once you get a laser done. You would be ever-ready to fault in a bikini.

  • Back

A back with excessive hair can be troublesome for some men. To put an end to this, go for laser body hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Benefits of laser hair removal include:

  • Accuracy

The laser hair removal technique is to the point. It hits the target directly and it destroys only the target, hair follicles. They make sure that the hair never comes back.

  • Speed

The laser can treat quarter face area every second. Thus, the speed is too high.

  • Outcome

On an average, most of the patients have permanent hair loss after 3-8 sessions.

Why is Laser Hair Removal effective and convenient treatment?

The laser hair removal treatment would take a very less time to heal a huge area. This saves our time and is convenient treatment. With help of this treatment, we need not shave, wax or tweeze on regular basis. Thus, it is an effective treatment.

Permanent Results

Laser hair removal results in 100% hair loss in most of the cases. Additional care must be taken after the completion of the treatment. There are chances for the hair to grow back if the proper care is not taken.

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal

  • Laser treatment works only if the hair is darker than the person’s skin tone. For blonde hair or hair color dull than the person’s skin tone, electrolysis if preferred.
  • Electrolysis is a current base treatment whereas laser treatment is on pulses of a laser.
  • The process of electrolysis causes more discomforts that laser process.
  • In electrolysis treatment, the time consumed is 4-6 times more than the laser process time. Electrolysis will also take more session to heal the patient.

Risks of Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatment may lead to crusting and formation of huge lumps around the area treated. Mild bruises may also occur on a sensitive skin. Itching, pain, and rash may be common side effects. There you might get a gifted red patch forever due to laser hair removal. Women with gyno problems like PCOD, PCOS etc., may have adverse effects.

Latest Laser Hair Removal Systems and Technology

Science and technology have played a very prominent role in the development of laser hair removal technique. Lightsheer, IPL, YAG, Duet, Coolglide are few of the laser hair removal techniques that are utmost evolved and latest. But, it is always better to take a doctor’s help to choose the best-suited treatment for you.

This was a brief note on the laser hair removal. Hope it was helpful.

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